Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference 2024, LMPC 2024,
ASIA Hotel & Spa Leoben, AUSTRIA,
22-25 September 2024


Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference 2024, LMPC 2024,
ASIA Hotel & Spa Leoben, AUSTRIA,
22-25 September 2024


LMPC 2024

ASIA Hotel & Spa Leoben, Austria

22 – 25 September 2024

The Liquid Metal Processing & Casting Conference (LMPC) is a unique symposium that showcases the latest technological and scientific advances related to those industrial processes used to cast large ingots of highly alloyed metals.

The symposium presents a blend of academic and industrial papers on topics including advances in controls and process simulation, ingot defect formation and characterisation studies, and process parameter-material properties characterisation.


LMPC is an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances and research in liquid metal processing and casting and takes place every two years.

The symposium was held in

  • Philadelphia, USA, 2022
  • Birmingham UK 2019
  • Philadelphia, USA, 2017
  • Leoben 2015, Austria
  • Austin, USA in 2013
  • Nancy, France in 2011


Important dates for authors:
Full paper upload until March 29, 2024
Final Author Registration: May 17, 2024


The full text of the accepted papers will be included within the printed version of the proceedings.
Prerequisite: Author registration by May 17, 2024 at the latest.


Selected papers will be published in IOP(indexed in Scopus) and BHM.


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Event Schedule & Agenda

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Martin Pei

Executive Vice President & CTO, SSAB AB (Swedish Steel)

“SSAB’s transformation to Fossil Free Steel with the HYBRIT Technology”

Johann Pilthammar

Technical Expert in the area of Simulation Driven Stamping Development at Volvo Cars & Adjunct Assistant – Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

“Towards Virtual Tryout and Digital Twins at Volvo Cars”

Mats Sigvant

Technical Leader in the area of Sheet Metal Forming Simulations, Volvo Cars, Sweden – Adjunct Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden

“Sheet metal forming simulations at Volvo Cars: the past, the present and the future”

Invited Talk

Benedikt Blitz

Managing Partner, SMR Premium GmbH


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Some Facts...


Some Facts

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Venue and Hotels

ASIA Hotel & Spa Leoben

In der Au 1/3, A-8700 Leoben

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